Monday, July 23, 2012

Wrecks Mapping Project

Wrecks Mapping Project - Aquarius Dive center, Constanta Black Sea

For centuries divers are attracted by wrecks, for one it is the history another search for the flora and fauna and some just dive out of curiosity.

No matter the reason, a wreck becomes more interesting if she is mapped, imagine before you dive you are able to know most of the inns and outs!

You can target your dive according your wishes, explore a certain point without wasting time to find it, film or make photos from marine life what you know you can expect, aware of visibility, temperature, current etc. The list is long.

Wrecks Mapping Project.

As the name indicates, this project is made with the thought to map "Wrecks" in all there facets.

Our main focus for the moment are for some wrecks in the Romanian part of the Black Sea.

The wrecks are:

The Wrecks Mapping include:

Filming, photography, length and depth measuring, detailed drawings, where possible 3D drawings from exterior and interior, observing and registering of marine life, temperature - current and visibility recording over an extended period of time, removing from dangerous (fish) lines and fishing nets to increase the safety, etc.

All the collected information will be published on the internet for future and already certified wreck dive enthusiasts to make the most out of there wreck dive adventures.

Everybody who like this idea (individual and/or organization) and is ready to add an extra value on his/here wreck dive adventure is welcome.

Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea wrecks mapping project

The wrecks on what you can participate is according your experience and certification level.

For the participants we offer:
  • Nitrox for free
  • Free use of Digital photo camera's, measuring equipment, slates, wet-notes.
  • And last but not least, a good time during your hobby!

Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea PADI and IANTD scuba diving courses

If you like to participate, contact us

Clear waters,

Aquarius Wrecks Mapping Project


Monday, May 7, 2012

The value of a dive course

Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea PADI and IANTD scuba diving courses
With more than 20 years of involvement in dive education i never understood why some of them "who pretend that they are experts" give away there diving courses for an extreme low price.

No matter what course you offer, from beginner to advanced training  it's still the knowledge, time and expertise of the Instructor "in most of the cases gained over a long period of time" and now brought to the student, what has to be paid. 

If a dive center and / or instructor offer courses for a extreme cheap price than this offer will reflect on the student, price compromises goes in most of the cases with a sacrifice in quality.
The price for a certain course is calculated, think about time, (dive)equipment use, teaching materials for student and instructor, certification cost, instructor fees, insurance, tank fillings, dive center use, etc etc. The list is long.

  • So, should the extreme price offer also be the best choice for you as student? 
  • Except less to pay gives it you as student more profit?

  1. You should expect as a student that you will get a lot of study / practice time, be honest if the dive center / instructor is fully booked he should not start with extreme discounts, but no unfortunately the time will be even shorter even due the fact that he has non or almost no students, cheap is easy compromised with time.
  2. Repeating the knowledge and skills are the keys to success to become a good diver, you will if they rush with the time?
  3. Bad knowledge and skills effect you during your dive career, wrong behaviors, problems during continuing education, safety issues etc etc.
  4. Instead of enjoying your dive time you are annoyed because you are solving the missing parts what should have been trained during your course, no matter what level you are.
  5. Again super price discounts is done because the dive center /  instructor has not enough customers, that has a reason, isn't it? 
  6. Instead of searching for a cheap price, it should be better to inform about the dive center / instructor what they do, they have activity, they dive, they teach?
  7. Does your instructor also dive in his own free time, or the nice stories are only told during courses and on social networks?
  8. The price is the price or we have hidden cost, like teaching materials, equipment rent, certification cost, extra lessons etc. Be informed maybe at the end it was not so cheap as what was told.
  9. You as a diver has and needs to be treed with value so you like to be teached by an instructor what sell him self cheap and drops his own value?
  10. Don't forget, every professional dive center owes a debt of gratitude to there customers and pays an installment every time they serve. They should never miss a payment. 

A cheap course is exact what it is, a cheap course...

Aquarius wish you happy dives and hope this article may help in making the right choices.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Submarine SC-213 who sunk the Struma

Wreck diving Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea SC213
This submarine is found by divers from Aquarius dive center on 15 November 2008 and was never visited by any other divers after she sunk in October 1942.

After the first dive it was sure that we found a Russian submarine from the SC (Schuka) class.
According the available information we had 3 candidates, SC-206, SC-208 and the SC-213. The evidence found during the dives indicates with 100% that this submarine was from a X type so it could not be  SC-206.

With the help of a Russian Submarine historian (Mr. Miroslav) and direct access to Russian archives, numerous dives on the wreck,  comparing all the available data, etc etc in August 2010
divers from Aquarius dive center, Constanta were finally in the position to announce the discovery and identification  of a Submarine from the Second World War from Russian origin in the Constanta area (Black Sea).

According our 2 years of investigation the Submarine was identified as SC-213.

  Wreck diving Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea SC213

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wreck diving with Aquarius.

Wreck diving with aquarius Dive cente, Constanta Romania - Black Sea

We from Aquarius dive center offer wreck diving in the Romanian part of the Black Sea
For this we use our own category B Offshore RIB with a 200 HP engine.

The boat is equipped with:
  • GPS, 3D Sonar, VHF, Divers First Aid and Oxygen, Dive flag (A), current line, safety equipment, etc.
Wreck diving Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea
Diving with our RIB is very comfortable, it's quick and because of this it's possible to offer a variable day program like visiting multiple wrecks on 1 day including night (wreck) dives. For those who like to make a wreck dive but also spend some time to explore the Constanta area with family or friends join us on the morning trip and you are back around lunch. 

Inform us about your wishes and we plan together for a schedule.

No matter if you are a novice or experienced (technical) diver due to the variety in wrecks and there historically value every dive gives you as diver a new experience and the wish to explore more. 

For the wreck dive briefing(s) we use 3D Sonar images, photos and drawings to assure that you can make the most out of your wreck dive experience.

The wrecks are well preserved because of the low salinity in the Black Sea. This makes a lot of wrecks interesting for penetration (except for non trained wreck divers).

Wreck diving Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea

Visibility on the wrecks is in the range of 3 to more than 15 meters. There is a chance to encounter a thermocline because of this we recommend to use at least a 5mm wetsuit. Strong surface current is possible but on the wrecks there is none till light.

  • Dive on historically interesting and well-preserved wrecks
  • Descend in time and revives the past
  • Dolphins around the boat is not a exception

To dive with us we ask to bring with you:
  • Logbook
  • Proper dive certificate(s)
  • Dive related insurance (like the ones what DAN offer)
  • Medical statement not older than 1 year what declares that you are fit for diving

Your ready for Excellent wreck diving, adventure and Fun !

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Tel: 0040 (0)788737634